Color Belt Program

Little Dragons Training Program

This program that teaches basic karate techniques are perfect for the little ones in between the ages of two and a half and six years old. Students of this age are put into this program not only for safety reasons, but also to help prepare them to advance to the youth classes when the time comes.

Youth Training Program

This training program is for students who are typically between the ages of six and eleven years old. Besides self-defense and other karate techniques, students are taught valuable life skills, conflict resolution, how to stand up for themselves, and how to use words instead of fists whenever possible.

Teen & Adult Training Program

This training program is for all students above the age of twelve. The same content as the youth program is taught in order to reach black belt, however, the classes themselves are run in a different manner and different training drills are practiced in order to better benefit teen and adult students.

Weapons Training Program

The weapons training class is for specific students who are interested in learning one or more of the seven main Tang Soo Do weapons. Students who partake in this class must have an extraordinarily high level of maturity, respect, and self-discipline to be eligible for weapons training.

Competition Team Training Program

The competition team is an elite team of NCMA martial artists who have an interest in competing in various tournaments. The team is open to students of all ages and ranks but is an invitation-only program. Students in this class also learn invaluable skills such as how to be a team player.