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Black Belt Program

The Black Belt Journey

Achieving the rank of black belt is an amazing accomplishment that requires training, dedication, and the desire to reach a lofty and honorable goal. North County Martial Arts’ black belts are some of the best in the nation.

Through NCMA fun but challenging curriculum, students learn what it takes to become a skilled martial artist both physically and mentally. Through their path toward black belt, our students attain physical acuity, mental strength, and inner power.

We value the things in life that take work. NCMA’s black belt exam is very rigorous. Like anything we choose in life, from the university we attend, to the life partner we marry, to the friends we spend our time with, it is important we choose the fit that brings us closer to our ideal self. And sometimes, the best is not the easiest.

NCMA’s black belt test is just that: it's an amazing experience... it's challenging but worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get your black belt?

Every situation is different depending on the student. If a student stays on the training schedule, takes the required tests at the required times, and passes each test, a black belt can be achieved in four to five years.

What is the "black belt prep" course?

The black belt prep course is a three month course on Saturday mornings where the upcoming testing candidates receive specific training toward the actual test. Our black belt prep instructors are the best of the best, and students who take this course have a noticeably higher passing rate.

How much practice is required outside of my normal training and black belt prep course?

In the months prior to a black belt test, besides the normal two training classes per week and the black belt prep course, students should attend one or two extra classes a week to ensure they are prepared.

Can people watch the test?

Absolutely! Testing candidates are welcome to invite family and friends to watch the test. Other students and their families are always welcome to come and support as well. Please know that testings are usually between three and a half to five hours long.

What if I fail?

Achieving a black belt is an extremely hard thing to do, but worth it. If a student fails a test, it's okay! This is not an uncommon experience. The key to passing the next test is to persevere and to  focus on strengths and weaknesses. You can do it!

Once I pass my black belt test, can I keep training? Is there more learning beyond black belt?

New black belts are encouraged to keep training. According to many black belts and masters, "the real training starts at black belt." Martial arts content is learned at a deeper level and newer, more complex concepts are taught.