2018 Summer Camps

Beginner through Advanced Karate Summer Camps Classes Enrolling soon.

North County Martial Art’s team of expert instructors will lead students through a fun packed program of Karate, Martial Arts & Self Defense.

At NCMA, we provide a fun and exciting camp that will safely introduce new students to the Martial Arts, and will polish and expand the skills of those with previous experience.

Summer Camp Themes/Weeks

  • Activities: “More than meets the eye!” Unite with the Autobots to defend the world against the evil Decpticons! Transformer Nerf Arena, Create-Your-Own Transformer competition, Optimus Prime Defense Training, Megatron Demolition Bag Bash Obstacle Course, Arts and Crafts, Community Service/Leadership Project, Friday Show and Awards, and much more!

    Special Event: (Wednesday) Field trip to Invasion Laser Tag 10am-2pm.

    Life Skills: Loyalty & Flexibility

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  • Activities: So you wanna be a superhero? Work together to fight against the forces of evil, and discover the hero inside of you! Ironman Nerf Arena, Incredible Hulk Dodgeball, Wonder Woman Defense Training and Board-breaking, Spider Man Agility and Obstacle Course, Avengers Recruitment Center Create-a-Hero Competition, Arts & Crafts, Community Service/Leadership Project, Friday Show and Awards, and much more!

    Special Event: (Wednesday)On-site Inflatable Water Slide   10am-2pm.

    Life Skills: Courage & Humility

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  • Activities: Pump up the excitement with our adrenaline packed Dodge Ball Camp. Take aim and fly high with your friends as we build bunkers and team up to reach dodge ball glory. Campers will learn tactics and strategy of the game Dodgeball and will improve their agility and teamwork skills. Razor Reflex Dodgeball Tournament, Arts & Crafts, Community Service/ Leadership Project,  Awards Ceremony, and much more! 

    Special Event: (Wednesday) Beach trip to Moonlight  10am-2pm.

    Life Skills: Teamwork & Sportsmanship

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  • Activities: Your mission, if you choose to accept it. . .” Enter our Spy Recruitment Center and sharpen your powers of observation and communication, plus learn how your own personal training is critical to the success of every mission. Code-making and Code-cracking Clinic, Orienteering Scavenger Hunt, “True Survivors” Nerf Arena, Razor Reflexes Dodgeball Tournament, “Amphibious Conditioning” Water Maneuvers, “Enemy Evasion” Spy Skills training, “Critical Precision” Board-breaking, “Meticulous Detail” Arts & Crafts, “A Better Place” Community Service/Leadership Project, Friday Show and Awards, and much more!

    Special Event: (Wednesday) Field trip to Alga Norte Aquatics  10am-2pm.

    Life Skills: Communication & Cooperation

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  • Activities: “Gotta catch’em all!” Join us for a week in a Pokéuniverse that you create! Create your own Pokémon and learn how small choices can add up to big evolution for you AND your creation. Pokémon Creator Clinic, Pokémon Masters Tournament, Pokéball (Dodgeball) Throwing Field, Misty’s Cerulean City Water Park, “Rival Defense” Board breaking, Arts & Crafts, Pallet Town Community Service/Leadership Project, Awards Ceremony, and much more!

    Special Event: (Wednesday)On-site Inflatable Water Slide   10am-2pm.

    Life Skills: Friendship & Accountability

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  • Activities: This Summer NCMA is offering a very exciting Lego Metropolis Camp! Your child will be able to express their creativity and engineering know how by building a life size Lego model of the action adventure city of Metropolis! The camp will be split into four teams and each team will be tasked with building a different part of the city. If your child does not have experience with Lego’s not to worry our staff will assist them in building their portion and guided along in the process of building and planning. You can be assured that through your child utilizing their problem solving, communication, and creative skills the end product will be something to write home about!

    Special Event: (Wednesday) Field trip to Get Air Trampoline  10am-2pm.

    Life Skills: Talent & Effort

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  • Activities: Use your mad Jedi skills and save the universe from the Dark Side! Exciting challenges will put your Mind Tricks to the test. Lightsaber Duels, Storm Trooper Nerf Arena, “Emperor’s Choice” Dodge ball Tourney, “Yoda’s Jedi Training”, “Mind Over Matter” Board-breaking, Amidala’s Arts and Crafts, Community Service/Leadership Project, Friday Show and Awards, and much more!

    Special Event: (Wednesday)On-site Inflatable Water Slide 10am-2pm.

    Life Skills: Focus & Resilience

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  • Activities: Cowabunga! Who’s your favorite TMNT? Are you the leader, Leonardo; the brainiac, Donatello; the warrior, Raphael; or the party animal, Michelangelo? Test your patience and perseverance during this week of martial arts weapon training! Also, Bee Bop and Rock Steady Nerf Arena, Splinter Dodgeball Tourney, Shredder Board-breaking Workshop, Arts and Crafts, Community Service/Leadership Project, Friday Show and Awards, and much more!

    Special Event: (Wednesday) Field trip to Get Air Trampoline    10am-2pm.

    Life Skills: Patience & Perseverance

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  • Activities:

    Activities: “Build! Play! Explore!” Bring the 2-D world of Minecraft to 3-D reality! Monster Dodgeball, “Survival Mode” Nerf Arena, Minecraft Creator Clinic, “Deconstruction” Board breaking Workshop, “Creative Mode” Arts & Crafts, “Build Your Best World” Community Service/Leadership Project, Friday Show and Awards, and much more!

    Special Event: (Wednesday) Field trip to Alga Norte Aquatics  10am-2pm.

    Life Skills: Creativity & Connection

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  • Activities:

    Science Fiction Adventure – Activities Coming Soon

    Special Event: (Wednesday) Location TBA:  10am-2pm.

    Life Skills: Persistence & Sportsmanship

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Summer Camp FAQ

    • A great attitude!
    • Backpack
    • Clothing appropriate for both indoor AND outdoor play (layers are great for cooler days)
    • Sandals with a heel strap
    • A water bottle clearly labeled with his/her full name
    • Sunscreen—please apply at home and you may send extra for your child to apply (Camp Staff are not allowed to apply)
    • A LARGE nutritious lunch and 2 healthy snacks (non-perishable or in insulated lunch box)
    • Grade-appropriate book to read, skills workbooks/worksheets for summer-gap school skills time (full day campers only)

    ***ALL ITEMS SHOULD BE LABELED CLEARLY WITH YOUR CHILD’S NAME*** Unlocked, personal storage cubbies will be provided for each camper.

  • Located in the heart of Carlsbad, we are just minutes from Aviara and Palomar Airport.  We are in a beautiful, 7,000 square foot facility.  Campers will be supervised by Camp Staff throughout their time at camp.  Every day, parents will need to sign-in and sign-out their child with the On-site Manager or supervising Staff member. In the event of an emergency, you may reach your child by calling the North County Martial Arts at 760-814-2283.

  • Absolutely!  This camp is designed to be the perfect place for all kids ages 6-11.  No martial arts experience necessary!  Kids will love the daily martial arts fitness classes incorporated into our exciting summer camp. Your child will build confidence, strength and coordination, and learn how to stay safe, avoid a fight, and deal with bullies appropriately. In addition, our camp will include a variety of the coolest games and activities.  Check out our list of exciting weekly themes!

  • Yes. We offer an early-registration discount 15% off February 1-28. 

  • Transfers to other weeks of camp will be granted for no fee if space is available.

    All Sales are Final.

    Returned checks will be assessed a $40 fee.

  • No. Our karate classes and our summer camp are completely separate programs.

  • Before Care: Monday-Friday, 8-9am, $30/week
    After Care: Monday-Thursday, 4-6pm, $60/week (includes snack)

  • We allow a 15-minute “grace” period. Past that time, you will be charged $10.00 per hour for drop-in After Care.

  • Yes! Please allow a few minutes at drop-off and pick-up to sign-in and sign-out on the clipboard with a member of our camp Staff. This is also the time to give our Staff any special pick-up instructions, make sure your child has their snack (AM campers) or lunch and two snacks (Full Day campers), and reusable water bottle.

  • Our experienced Camp Staff will present a new camp theme each week that is sure to excite and delight your child. The featured weekly theme and corresponding life skills will ensure that new campers will have the time of their lives, while returning campers will always have exciting new things to learn and do to keep their interest fresh.

    • Phones, electronics, toys
    • Candy
    • Money or anything of value
  • Since its inception, North County Martial Arts has specialized in training kids to be high-achievers in all areas of life—at home, at school, and everywhere they go.  At Summer Camp we extend that same focus to our campers with a week-long Life Skill Program. For Full Day and After Care campers, we’ll feature a daily segment of best-fit reading and math skills as part of our “Summer Learning Loss Prevention” initiative. Our goal is to offer a summer camp experience that will prepare them for the coming school year and effect positive changes in our campers long after summer is over.

  • Our weekly action-packed field trips include: Laser Tag Galaxy, Get Air Trampoline Park, Alga Norte Park, Nickel City, The Wave Water Park, Moonlight Beach, and Aquatic Inflatable Zone. If your child does not wish to attend, they may stay on the NCMA campus with camp counselors and enjoy games and activities.

parents night out

We Are Looking Forward To A Great Summer Camp!

The camps is for Kids 6 and up and will feature our acclaimed “Life Skills Program” – A Martial Arts character development program. Activities cover all the important areas of Karate.


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