Main Schedules

White Belt Programs (Beginner - Youth, Teen & Adult)

DayStart TimeEnd TimeFloor
White Belt
Monday4:00 PM4:45 PMA
Tuesday3:30 PM4:15 PMA
Wednesday4:00 PM4:45 PMA
Thursday3:30 PM4:15 PMA

Yellow - Black Belt Programs (Youth, Teen, & Adult)

DayStart TimeEnd TimeFloor
Yellow Belt
Monday4:45 PM5:30 PMA
Tuesday3:30 PM4:15 PMB
Wednesday4:45 PM5:30 PMA
Thursday3:30 PM4:15 PMA
Orange/Purple Belts
Monday4:00 PM4:45 PMB
Tuesday5:30 PM6:15 PMB
Wednesday4:00 PM4:45 PMB
Thursday5:30 PM6:15 PMB
Green Belts
Monday5:30 PM6:15 PMA
Tuesday4:45 PM5:30 PMB
Wednesday5:30 PM6:15 PMA
Thursday4:45 PM5:30 PMA
Red Belts
Monday5:30 PM6:15 PMB
Tuesday4:45 PM5:30 PMA
Wednesday5:30 PM6:15 PMB
Thursday4:45 PM5:15 PMB
1st / Senior GUP
Monday6:15 PM7:15 PMA
Tuesday6:15 PM7:15 PMA
Wednesday6:15 PM7:15 PMA
Thursday6:15 PM7:15 PMA
Saturday11:00 AM12:00 PMA
Black Belts
Monday6:15 PM7:15 PMB
Tuesday6:15 PM7:15 PMB
Wednesday6:15 PM7:15 PMB
Thursday6:15 PM7:15 PMB
Saturday11:00 AM12:00 PMA

Premier Weapons

DayStart TimeEnd TimeFloor
Monday4:45 PM5:30 PMB
Tuesday5:30 PM6:15 PMA
Wednesday4:45 PM5:30 PMB
Thursday5:30 PM6:15 PMB


Day (Class)Start TimeEnd TimeFloor
Tuesday (Adult)11:00 AM12:00 PMA & B
Tuesday (Adult)7:15 AM8:15 PMA & B
Wednesday (Adult)7:30 AM8:30 PMA & B
Friday (Comp Team)4:00 PM6:00 PMA & B
Friday (Instructor Training) 6:00 PM7:30 PMA & B
Saturday (Make Up - All Levels)9:30 PM10:15 PMA & B
Saturday (All Levels Sparring)10:15 AM11:00 AMA & B

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The Introductory Special is a great way to introduce you to our school. You will have the opportunity to meet the instructors and try out our classes at no obligation to enroll. Included are one month of classes plus a karate uniform for $49. Participating in our classes will give you the “hands on” experience you need to make an educated decision to choose the best school for you or your child.

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